The software

MyWebSQL is designed especially for developers who need to manage their mysql databases through web browsers on a daily basis. It is written in PHP, and uses Javascript for its client side functionality. It was created with the following points in mind.

  • Easy deployment and usage
  • Fast querying and editing on mysql databases
  • Developer friendly to save time spent on queries and working with results
  • Usable with all major browsers without any loss of functionality

The software is under continuous development with new features and enhancements being added every now and then.


MyWebSQL is primarily developed and maintained by Samnan ur Rehman. If you would like to request a feature or report a bug, please use the links on this website to submit them. Your feedback is highly appreciated and helps improve the software.


MyWebSQL open source development is hosted and distributed by Sourceforge.net downloads.

A couple of library modules are derived from work initially developed by Zeeshan Khan.

The project website hosting is generously provided by Ovais Tariq, who has helped improve MyWebSQL with his feedback and code contribution, and blogs his tech tips on his website ovaistariq.net.