Version 2.8

Friday, March 23, 2012 6:12

Version 2.8 is available for download from sourceforge website and recommended update for all users of MyWebSQL.

A new import module allows importing table data from CSV (Excel) files.

The Batch operation module allows you select multiple database objects and perform various useful operations on those objects, for example, you can add a prefix to table names, removing an existing prefix, drop multiple objects and generate sql commands for selected objects.

All information screens now contain a quick search option, which filters the results based on a given keyword, to make it easier to find related information quickly.

SQLite support is improved and lots of issues have been resolved for SQLite related modules.

Object list gets refreshed automatically after completing batch imports (requested by umairj)

Lots of other improvements and fixes, including some warnings/errors that were reported by some users.

Refer to changelog for development changelog