Changelog for Pre-1.0 releases

Version 0.5

  • added support for database triggers
  • added new tool: process manager for viewing and killing processes
  • added new option: view mysql server variables
  • added new export type: plain text (CSV style)
  • bugfixes in export result functionality
  • better handling of NULL values in interface and queries
  • application now uses mysqli extension when available. This can be turned off/on from configuration file.
  • more status information available about the mysql connection
  • more browser compatibility fixes

Version 0.4

  • More browser compatibility fixes in drag drop, resizing page elements etc
  • Some UI enhancements (eyecandy)
  • Fixed javascript source path in export screens, causing exports to fail
  • Query results performance is increased by 30-40%, by eliminating some redundant and extra DHTML stuff

Version 0.3

  • fixed query editor getSqlCode() bug in firefox (came up in ver 0.2 only)
  • fixed object tree: 1. menu going out of display bounds. 2. menu not hiding on clicks
  • record editing, deletion now works properly on firefox and opera also ! (checked in firefox 3.0.5)
  • fixed a bug in determining if a resultset contained NULL values or empty field
  • added more options for database export command (include create table/drop table, select tables to export)
  • other miscellaneous cross browser issues
  • running batch queries using interface is now possible (multiple results display still NOT supported)
  • code folder cleaned up. Moved images,css and library files to separate folders.

Version 0.2

  • Added options to import/export results and database/tables as sql batch scripts
  • added config item: TRACE_FILEPATH. Use it if you like to change the error log path for the application
  • db connection is no longer limited to a single table in the database
  • cookies are now specific to url for mywebsql and no longer accessible on other parts of domain
  • pressing tab in the sql editor now moves focus to query button
  • connection oriented configuration bugs fixed
  • sql editor is now resizable on IE
  • minor annoying bugfixes on the UI

Version 0.1

  • First public release.