Changelog for version 1.2

version 1.2 final

  • fix: editing keys were not properly handled on some browsers
  • fix favicon missing on splash page
  • update: object tree fonts and padding fixed

Version 1.2 beta

  • new: added multiple authentication types to setup MyWebSQL for multiple databases or users on one server easily
  • please read the documentation on how to update previous version here
  • new: last executed query reloads in sql editor after page reload
  • new: sql editor can now be set to autohide like object tree
  • update: codemirror updated to version 0.8
  • update: jquery layout updated to latest version
  • fix: if update/delete query contained a few special characters, the output would be wrong
  • fix: table highlight would not work when doing queries
  • fix: sql editor resizing caused wrong text selection in chrome and caused problem in resizing in other browsers
  • fix: tables with ‘spaces’ in their names would not be selectable in the tree
  • code cleanup: code execution framework simplified. all additional modules can now reside in one folder
  • code cleanup: Removed all php warnings and notices from code
  • code cleanup: moved all javascripts to one folder (including codemirror). Improved checks in cache.php to maximize security with user provided script and css paths
  • code cleanup: Most of the code is now xhtml 1.0 compliant
  • lots of other minor improvements