changelog for version 1.3

  • Improved import batch query module:
    Now works with bzip and gzip files also along with plain text files
    Allows continuing execution in case a query fails
    Logs more information to the user before and after import
  • Improved export module:
    Allows exporting either database structure,data or both, a single table or the current result set
    Allows better selection of objects to be exported (including views, procedures, functions and triggers)
    Properly creates insert command for all types of fields (bug fixed with numeric values)
    Exports table/results data as insert statement, xml, xhtml or plaintext (csv format)
  • user interface: popup dialog user interface, resizer bars display improved, minor font adjustments
  • user interface: database object creation now also works in richedit mode
  • user interface: In Firefox, record editing now supports Tab/Shift+Tab/Up/Down Keys to navigate between result fields
  • update: help content and pages revised and updated help page to reflect changes in latest versions
  • bugfix: import and export modules submit buttons were broken due to javascript errors on some browsers
  • bugfix: unique keys in tables were not properly used while creating edit queries
  • bugfix: fixed minor compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 8