changelog for version 2.0

Version 2.0 Final Release

  • Index manager button text changed to be more easier to understand
  • Table editor buttons display and hide properly based on selected tab
  • Language files added for various languages (Google translated for the time being)
  • Some IE related javascript issues fixed by including json2 script for IE7 browsers
  • Bugs Fixed:

  • user manager privileges not flushed on some actions
  • Loading screen for incompatible browsers fixed
  • session expiry now handled properly and message is displayed to user for reloading the page
  • creation of new table did not refresh the object list automatically
  • when text field editor closes, it leaves incorrect information about the field in table cell
  • text field editor placement was out of screen on some scenarios
  • table editor incorrectly accepts field length for types that do not require length
    also fixed field length option for all field types
  • table editor did not properly update primary key index in some cases
  • table editor added extra command in alter statement for table engine type and character set
  • table describe command did not show all text in the results (field type was obscured)
  • blob edit dialog did not report error when blob editing failed (due to file upload error)
  • Humanity, paper, aero theme styles updated
  • quick start tutorials and related script issues fixed
  • update language files and missing text in modules for translation

2.0 Beta

  • new: Interface is now completely multilingual. All modules updated to separate code and content
  • new: Tool to manage table indexes
  • new: Tool to manager database users and privileges (with special thanks to Ovais Tariq)
  • new: Tool to analyze and/or repair database tables
  • new: application and rightclick menu items contain icons for better visual cue
  • new: text field inplace editing mechanism is now improved and simplified
  • new: blob field inplace editing mechanism is now implemented for file uploads in blob fields
  • new: 3 new themes (including an ‘Aero’ style transparent theme)
  • new: brand new splash and login screen
  • new: module to quick check for updates from the interface for new versions of software from website
  • update: session security enhanced further by encrypting more insecure session variables
  • update: export modules now includes mysql events to be exported
  • update: history now allows copying a single selected query as well as all queries to clipboard by right click menu
  • update: slightly improved syntax highlighting for sql editor
  • update: changing database does not refresh the whole page, only object list
    saves extra loading time and preserves other page elements (queries etc)
  • update: resizing handles are larger when the panel is docked, to allow easier to be used (feedback from jquery layout group)
  • update: Html class functions made static. object instantiation is not required anymore
  • lots of other minor tweaks and improvements