changelog for version 2.1

Version 2.1

  • User manager now allows removing the user password (previously only allowed changing passwords)
  • Search tool to search for text in database with selected options
  • Bugs Fixed:

  • Header menu did not appear properly after re-opening browser if header was hidden
  • index manager sometimes failed to add index if there was initially no index in a table
  • index manager script error when adding an index to a table which had no index
  • index manager generated error in query for adding a primary key to table without a primary key
  • utf8 text data sometimes did not properly insert/update for database with character set other than utf8
  • a rare but annoying javascript error specially in ie (and sometimes in other browsers) immediately after page load
  • fixed edit toolbar and text field editor positioning issues in chrome and IE 7,8
  • Updates:

  • automatic detection of user’s language based on browser settings
  • Updated to latest jquery ui library
  • improved loading time for the interface by delaying some of the interface initialization for later (popups etc)