changelog for version 2.7

  • added ‘copy record’ functionality in result grid. Select one or more records and use the copy function to quickly create new records with same data.
  • added CSV(Excel) and YAML formats in table/results export module. Code for export functionality refactored to allow creation of more export drivers easily.
  • Exporting large amount of data does not fail with memory limit errors by php
    (still requires php timeout settings to be large enough, or unlimited so that all data can be processed)
  • results editor now automatically scrolls to right position in results to keep current edited field visible
    also basic field information is shown while editing the results
  • improved software update check option which does not block user interface. Also update for new version is checked every Monday.
    update settings can be changed by modifying config/updates.php file
  • process manager allows more than one process to kill in one request
  • added main menu interface option to select the type of sql editor at runtime
    (also fixed some issues with CodeMirror2 implementation, but it is still experimental)
  • Speed improvements in some areas of functionality

Bug Fixes:

  • Loading and minor theme issues with Internet Explorer 8 browser
  • result set scrolling issues due to recent updates to ui libraries
  • result set textarea editor setting values empty in some scenarios
  • some minor structure changes to table structure using table editor did not get updated
  • some other small bugfixes reported by users


  • Default theme revised and cleaned up a bit as per user requests (minor fixes to other themes also)
  • more code cleanup and configuration files