changelog for version 2.9

  • Syntax editor improvements: Codemirror2 support improved, other editor areas cleaned up
  • Fixed session issue with multiple blocking requests to keep the interface responsive
  • Added new themes:
    Bootstrap – based on jquery ui twitter bootstrap theme (by addy osmani)
    Chocolate – based on jQuery UI theme mint-chocolate
    Pinky – A colourful pink theme

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in SQL parser that caused infinite loop in parser at end of file, resulting in unresponsive interface (reported by Brandon Hoffman)
  • Blob data could not be viewed if result contained field from more than one table
  • Dialogs once re-opened behaved erratically on minimize/restore
  • Changing table engine type erroneously generated drop primary key statement for some tables
  • Record editing could not save record if the where clause contained certain text


  • Automatically refresh object list after successful creation of new objects
  • Updated language on the interface where some of the text did not translate properly
  • Cleaned up themes and standardized message/error display interface