changelog for version 3.1

  • sql queries are saved on per-editor basis and loaded the same (previously only saved the last executed query)
  • Record editing feature works on touch devices using taphold event (Requested by Karl Hemmings)
  • improved and bugfixed SQL generation code. Generated SQL is more uniform across databases, and respects each database specific escape sequences
  • Access to particular modules within MyWebSQL can be now allowed or denied using config.
  • Database Manager tool added to the interface to manage server databases more easily.

Bug Fixes:

  • quick search filter was not being applied to database listing
  • quick search filter input was missing from themes other than default theme (css fixed)
  • empty data fields in results sometimes caused additional sql in where clause generation
  • SQL comments work with ‘–‘, insetad of needing an extra space like ‘– ‘
  • batch operations for objects other than tables failed to execute from batch module
  • command history contained extra lines in multilines queries, and resulted in extra
    tags in copied text
  • some ui fixes in chrome and other browsers


  • batch module command generation now properly quotes object names