changelog for Version 3.5


  • support for SQLite3 driver added, so database created with SQLite3 can be managed.
    (thanks to J. Gutierrez for providing valuable feedback in this regard)
  • added Arabic translation (thanks to Muhannad Ajjan for providing the complete translation)
  • filename format can be changed before creating server side backups (to add prefix or additional info to filename)
  • Auto pagination now works for all select queries other than table select
  • Sorting is now done on the server side instead of client side, also improves integration with pagination
  • Removed .htaccess file from root of installation folder, that caused internal server error on many hosts.
    All htaccess settings are now internally managed by MyWebSQL

Bug Fixes:

  • minor bugs in the sqlite library, causing generation of errors in log
  • sql comments were erroneously appended to exported data in html/xhtml format