changelog for version 3.6


  • Edit mode updates:
    for enum/boolean fields, datalist is available to choose from
    date fields can now be updated with datepicker
  • fixed results header for better navigation and data management
  • .sqlite3 is now recognized as valid sqlite database extension
  • improved in-place editing visual styles
  • SQLite and SQLite3 library improvements for record editing functionality
  • Added SQL editor hotkeys:
    Ctrl+Up -> Increase text size
    Ctrl+Down -> Decrease text size
    Ctrl+Shift+Del -> Clear SQL editor
  • Warnings are now shown in message pane that occur during query execution


  • Enum and set field values handling with special characters


  • Results for data queries and other types of queries are shown separately
  • Cleaned up themes structure, to simply theme modification and creation
  • Aero theme is removed from the package
  • Reduced package size due to removal / cleanup of various javascript code
  • Other lots of minor improvements in various areas of application frontend / backend